The event can be organized in a variety of different ways depending on your specific needs: the sommeliers, a presenter, an artist or the host themself can declare the Beer Casino open. We can also put on a special show to open it.
The guests can receive their chips, e.g. in small velvet pouches, when they register, from a hostess, at the table or in a large tray before the casino starts. They can then move between the tables and place their bets. Our trained beer sommeliers then guide the guests through the games skillfully, passionately and humorously.

No prior knowledge is required.

Which guest will succeed and become an expert after the game with the help of the sommeliers’ hints and some calculated betting?

The presentation of a prize at the end of the game can be a further highlight of the event and can also be presented by our sommeliers. Attractive prizes make it an unforgettable evening for the guests.