The Sommeliers

Beer enjoys a growing popularity. Especially the craft beer business has steadily gained importance in recent years.
At the same time public’s curiosity for unusual beers has increased significantly.
Even though the beers that the Hopes & Malt guests can taste may be exciting, our sommeliers or “expert croupiers” will conduct the game in a calm manner.
Our sommeliers have one thing in common: a great enthusiasm for beer and the popular craft beer in particular.
All sommeliers are true masters of their craft and stand out due to their many years of experience. Of course they can also present the games in English.
Beer is associated with social gathering, and our sommeliers are very sociable people. On the one hand, the guests love the friendly get-together atmosphere around the gambling table. On the other hand, the sommeliers love this unique arrangement and are fully committed to entertaining their guests. Amateurs and experts will enjoy the game alike.

The Hopes & Malt tables wouldn’t exist without our in-house expertise. They are carefully thought out and well designed.
In 2011, on request of welcome Veranstaltungs-gesellschaft, Sebastian Sauer and Fritz Wülfing, both succesfully producing their own beers and pushing their own brands, developed the Hopes & Malt Poker tables. The “Beer Blackjack” table, originally invented by the Casino Vinophil Sommeliers, was adapted to the beer theme. In 2015 the casino table family was enlarged by the “Taste a Quiz" table. Additionally the wine casino table created by Axel Biesle was adjusted to the new concept.
To fulfil our clients’ demands we continously strive to improve the quality of our tables, for example by introducing new beers and adapting them to individual tastes or by developing new questions.
And who knows - maybe we will soon be able to present another innovative format.